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colored denim jeans wholesale

Denim is a popular brand among all the fashion and clothing wear. It has been used in America since the late 18th century. Coloring is what that makes denim standout from the crowd. Its traditionally colored blue with indigo dye is significantly popular among

the teenagers. Different designs are available in the denim wear for different tastes, which includes fades as well. Fades cause prolonged periods of wear, without washing and is now the main attraction for denim.


Colored Denim Jeans

The colors and patterns are a way of personalizing the garment for each customer. Each one is categorized by certain names. Colored denim jeans is divided into two categories, indigo dyeing and sulfur dyeing. Indigo dyeing produces the traditional blue colors or shades similar to blue colors. Sulfur dyeing is used to create specialty black colors and other colors like pink, grey, mustard, green and also improves the quality. The fades include whiskers (faded streaks), combs (streaks of fade behind the knee), stacks (extra fabric on top of shoe causing a fade) and train tracks (train tracks). No doubt Denim produces fashionable and quality clothing.

Colored denim jeans

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